Contact Information

Cynthia M. Hennessey is a Registered Nurse and a Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney. Licensed in Missouri, Illinois, and Colorado, she has over 25 years of experience in handling all aspects of Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury. Cynthia received her Nursing Degree from Maryville University in 1985. She practiced Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and later practiced Adult Intensive Care Nursing at BJC.

Cynthia received her Law Degree from St. Louis University in 1991. After becoming an Attorney, she spent her first seven years at the law firm of Evans and Dixon, representing Insurance Companies and Employers in Workers' Compensation matters. In 1998, she started her own law firm strictly representing only injured workers and personal injury clients in Missouri and Illinois. Cynthia has successfully handled thousands of cases before the Division of Workers' Compensation, and has argued numerous appeals before the Court of Appeals. Cynthia is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker on a variety of Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury issues in both Missouri and Illinois. She is a strong advocate for preserving the rights of the injured in a climate that favors the interests of large insurance companies and corporations

When You Hire Us, You Gain:

  • 25 years of legal experience in worker's compensation and personal injury cases
  • An attorney who solely represents the injured worker and injured client
  • Personalized and supportive attention
  • A proven record of representation, success and support
  • An attorney with extensive medical knowledge and experience who understands medical treatment and injuries
  • An attorney licensed in Missouri and Illinois with extensive knowledge and experience with cases in both Missouri and Illinois
  • An attorney who understands how insurance companies defend cases through her experience as a former insurance company attorney

Types of Cases We Represent

The worlds of Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury are not friendly. The Insurance industry and business groups are hard at work lobbying our lawmakers to stack the laws in their favor. They fight and defend every case, in order to save a dollar. As your attorney, I work hard to protect your rights and take the necessary steps to help you recover payment for lost wages, medical care for your injuries, and to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries. I have made my reputation over the past 25 years by going up against these large insurance companies and winning.

My practice is limited to worker's compensation and personal injury cases on both sides of the river in the St. Louis Metro Area, throughout the State of Missouri, and Illinois.

No Upfront Fees

As your attorney I am paid only if I recover a fee or settlement in your case. Many attorneys charge a retainer fee, trying to have you pay money upfront in your case. This is not how my office works, my fee comes out of the settlement I recover in your case. My office fronts the costs of your case including medical records and the necessary experts until settlement. You owe us no fees or costs until we reach a settlement or win an award for your case.

Free Consultations

I offer free consultations and will take the time to listen to you, understand your injuries and your case. The legal system can be difficult to understand and legal "jargon" can be confusing. I will explain the law in your case in simple, easy to understand terms and personally take time to answer your questions. This is a hassle free, no pressure consultation to help you understand your rights and the issues of your case.

Get started today by calling (314) 821-9696. We are available 7 days a week and if need be come to you. Don't worry, talking to me is easy and I will take the time to answer your questions.