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Workers' Comp 101: Do I need a Workman's Comp Lawyer?

The simple answer is "no", you can get through the Workers' Comp. court system oftentimes without a lawyer. Most Work Injuries are minor, for example: cuts on the hand requiring stitches, minor burns, knee twists and ankle sprains. In most of these situations, simple medical treatment is provided for and paid for by the Workers' Compensation insurance company; there is no significant loss of time from work; and you should recover from your injury without a lot of future problems. There is typically no need to hire an attorney to handle these types of claims. Read More >

Workers' Comp. 101: The Do's and Don'ts

With an injury on the job, you have entered into the world of Workers' Compensation. A maze of laws and regulations that most people have no idea even existed prior to their injury. "Workers' Comp.", as we call it, is a world of its own, with a very different set of legal rules and laws than in other personal injury cases. Read More >

Workers' Comp. 101: The Traumatic Brain Injury / Head Injury Case

Few Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury cases are as complex and involved as those involving traumatic brain injuries, ("TBI"), concussions and head injuries. Regardless of whether the injury is mild or severe, it is necessary to choose an attorney who is prepared to handle the challenges that are unique to brain injury cases. Read More >

Workers' Comp. 101: The Independent Medical Evaluation - "IME"

One of the many confusing terms used in Workers’ Compensation, ” IME” stands for Independent Medical Evaluation or Independent Medical Examination. In theory, the examination is supposed to be used to help clarify your medical condition and whether your injury was caused by your work activity. It is used to provide a diagnosis, the treatment recommended, whether you require work restrictions, whether you can work at all and how much disability you have as a result of the injury. Read More >

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