Registered Nurse
25 Years Experience
Former Insurance Company Attorney

Personal Injury

THE COMBINATION OF MY SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE AS A REGISTERED NURSE AND PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY OFFERS MY CLIENTS A UNIQUE AND SUPERIOR REPRESENTATION. I have over 25 years of experience in handling serious injury and wrongful death cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Unlike other Personal Injury Attorney's, my Nursing education and experience provides me with the expertise to review your medical records and to fully understand your injury, as well as the diagnostic tests and treatment.

As a former insurance company attorney, I experienced first-hand the tricks and strategies the insurance companies use to avoid paying claims. I know the insurance industry and I use this knowledge against them to better serve my clients.

As an experienced trial lawyer, I have a proven track record successfully representing thousands of seriously injured clients. I have made my reputation going up against multi-national insurance companies and corporations and winning.

I handle PERSONAL INJURY and DEATH CASES that result from many types of traumatic events; however tractor trailer accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents make up the majority of my personal injury caseload.

My experience includes all types of injuries, including head injuries, brain injuries, neck and spine injuries, paraplegia/quadriplegia injuries, fractures, and death cases.

Unlike other firms, I personally interview, select and handle each case. I provide a free consultation in my office, by phone, or at a more convenient location if necessary.